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What is a Capsule Network? What is a Capsule? Is CapsNet better than a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)? In this article I will talk about all the above questions about CapsNet or Capsule Network released by Hinton. Note: This article is not about pharmaceutical capsules. It is about Capsules in Neural Networks or Machine Learning world.

Nov 03, 2017 · The capsule network is much better than other models at telling that images in top and bottom rows belong to the same classes, only the view angle is different. The latest papers decreased the

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Jan 14, 2019 · However, in capsules networks, it’s the opposite, where the network learns how to inversely render an image; looking at an image and trying to predict what the instantiation parameters for it are. It learns how to predict this by trying to reproduce the object it thinks it detected and comparing it to the labelled example from the training data.

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Intuitively, the capsule network detects the face is rotated right 31° (equivariance) rather than realizes the face matched a variant that is rotated 31°. By forcing the model to learn the feature variant in a capsule, we may extrapolate possible variants more effectively with less training data.

Nov 03, 2017 · “Understanding Dynamic Routing between Capsules (Capsule Networks)” Nov 3, 2017. This article covers the technical paper by Sara Sabour, Nicholas Frosst and Geoffrey Hinton on Dynamic Routing between Capsules.In this article, we will describe the basic Capsule concept and apply it with the Capsule network CapsNet to detect digits in MNist. In the last third of the article, we go through a

In order to use the Capsule Network model you first need to train it. The following guide will get you a model trained on the MNIST data set. For those of you who don’t know, MNIST is a data set of handwritten digits and is a good baseline for testing out machine learning algorithms.

Jan 25, 2020 · A PyTorch implementation of Compositional coding Capsule Network based on the paper “Compositional coding capsule network with k-means routing for text classification” nlp pytorch visdom Updated Dec 17, 2019

GitHub – mrkulk/Unsupervised-Capsule-Network: Capsule Jan 29, 2020
Capsule Network – GitHub Apr 30, 2019
GitHub – danielhavir/capsule-network: PyTorch
GitHub – llSourcell/capsule_networks: This is the code for


Oct 26, 2017 · A capsule is a group of neurons whose activity vector represents the instantiation parameters of a specific type of entity such as an object or an object part. We use the length of the activity vector to represent the probability that the entity exists and its orientation to represent the instantiation parameters. Active capsules at one level make predictions, via transformation matrices,

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Hinton大神前一段时间推出的capsule network–《Dynamic Routing Between Capsules》可谓是火了朋友圈,吸引了无数科研人员的眼球。现实生活中,无论你持什么样的观点,总有人站在“对立面”,比如知乎


Abstract. We present Generative Adversarial Capsule Network (CapsuleGAN), a framework that uses capsule networks (CapsNets) instead of the standard convolutional neural networks (CNNs) as discriminators within the generative adversarial network (GAN) setting, while modeling image data.

Capsule Network. 2020. 1. 16. 08:15. PR12. Abstract. A capsule is a group of neurons whose activity vector represents the instantiation parameters of a specific type of entity such as an object or an object part. We use the length of the activity vector to represent the probability that the entity exists and its orientation to represent the

Decoder Network: To further boost the pose parameters learned by the digit capsule layer, we can add decoder network to reconstruct the input image. In this part, decoder network will be fed with an input of size 10*16 (digit capsule layer output) and will reconstruct back the original image of size 28*28.

Capsule Networks Are Shaking up AI — Here’s How to Use Them グーグルの天才AI研究者、ニューラルネットワークを超える「カプセルネットワーク」を発表 Capsule Networks (CapsNets) – Tutorial

Nov 21, 2017 · CapsNets are a hot new architecture for neural networks, invented by Geoffrey Hinton, one of the godfathers of deep learning. NIPS 2017 Paper: * Dynamic Routing Between Capsules, *

Capsules in higher layers, called routing capsules, detect larger and more complex objects, such as boats. Figure 4. A two-layer CapsNet. In this example, the primary capsule layer has two maps of 5×5 capsules, while the second capsule layer has two maps of 3×3 capsules. Each capsule outputs a

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そうして、「Capsule Network」が誕生されました。 Capsuleには下層からの空間情報が保存されます。 画像特徴の場所が変化する時、認識の結果は変わらないですが、空間情報が変わります。 下図はcapsuleと従来Neuronの違いを示しました。 (From: Github: CapsNet-Tensorflow)

Oct 31, 2017 · Geoffrey Hinton (who popularized backpropagation in the 80s) recently published his long-awaited paper on “Capsule Networks” – which provide state

如何看待Capsule Network在NLP领域的潜力? 关于Capsule的内容,貌似在Hinton等人发了两篇Paper之后,就有点热度渐退的感觉了。 Capsule的思想在理论上适不适用于NLP领域?


Dynamic Routing Between Capsules Sara Sabour Nicholas Frosst Geoffrey E. Hinton Google Brain Toronto {sasabour, frosst, geoffhinton} Abstract A capsule is a group of neurons whose activity vector represents the instantiation parameters of a specific type of entity such as an object or an object part. We use

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Apr 03, 2018 · Capsule Network(CapsNet)は、上下が逆になったり、回転した入力画像に対処するために発明された新たしいニューラルネットワークです。 上記で述べたように、ConvNetの欠点はpooling時に特徴的な空間関係を失うことにあります。


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A capsule network is a kind of shorthand term for a specific kind of neural network pioneered by Stanford scientist Geoffrey Hinton. In the capsule network, specific methodology is applied to image processing to try to affect an understanding of objects from a three-dimensional spectrum.

Jun 19, 2018 · Capsule networks (CapsNet) are the new architecture in neural networks, an advanced approach to previous neural network designs, particularly for computer vision tasks. To date, convolutional neural networks (CNN) have been used for computer vision tasks.

The whole system is trained discriminatively by unrolling 3 iterations of EM between each pair of adjacent layers. On the smallNORB benchmark, capsules reduce the number of test errors by 45\% compared to the state-of-the-art. Capsules also show far more resistant to white box adversarial attack than our baseline convolutional neural network.

Capsule Network aims to solve this problem, in fact, the whole idea of developing Capsule Network is to solve this problem. Traditional Neural Networks are currently facing problems in recognizing images with lesser data or detecting the contextual contingency between components within images. Capsule Network can be a problem-solver here.

Nov 22, 2017 · A capsule network is basically a neural network that tries to perform inverse graphics. It is composed of many capsules. A capsule is any function that tries to predict the presence and the instantiation parameters of a particular object at a given location. For example, the network above contains 50 capsules.


Perhaps one of the best descriptive explanation on capsule networks out there is the video below by Aurélien Geron The video is just 22 minutes long. Here are some key points from the video in almost Aurélien’s own words What is a capsule network?

Nov 16, 2017 · The decoder network would reconstruct the images that the capsule network thought it saw and also give a prediction of the digit. The results are in the image below l, p, r represents the label, the prediction and the label of the reconstructed image.

When multiple capsules within a layer agree on what they’ve identified, they activate the next layer, and then the next. The layers cascade onward until the network is sure about what it is

Capsule Network最大的特色在于vector in vector out & 动态路由算法。 vector in vector out. 所谓vector in vector out指的是将原先使用标量表示的神经元变为使用向量表示的神经元。这也即是所谓的“Capsule”,“vector in vector out”或者“胶囊”所要表达的意思。

Capsule Networkは脳に学んだか Hinton教授(Google DeepMind)の論文Dynamic Routing Between Capsules その他で提唱されたCapsule Networkを、人間の脳内のV1視覚野の動作原理(ニューロンのカラム構造など)と比較する視点で捉えてみました。

Dec 13, 2017 · This equivariance feature is now possible via Capsule Network! The Solution: Capsule Network. CapsNet or Capsule network is an encapsulation of nested neural network layers. Traditional neural network contains multiple layers whereas a capsule network contains multiple layers within a single capsule. CNNs go deeper in terms of height, whereas


The SFMED model with the wide-grained capsule network, which has multiple receptive fields, converges faster than the model with the capsule network that only has a single receptive field. The curves in (c) show that, with the size of the receptive field increasing, the model with a single receptive field capsule network converges faster.

Capsule Network自从Hinton团队的capsule network 文章出来后,蛮多研究都围绕这个模型进行,小编也加入了大军。胶囊网络模型的官方开源也已经公布到github上了。

Oct 28, 2019 · Use of a Capsule Network to Detect Fake Images and Videos. 10/28/2019 ∙ by Huy H. Nguyen, et al. ∙ 46 ∙ share . The revolution in computer hardware, especially in graphics processing units and tensor processing units, has enabled significant advances in computer graphics and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Hinton’s new approach, known as capsule networks, is a twist on neural networks intended to make machines better able to understand the world through images or video.

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Nov 10, 2017 · The Capsule Network is a new type of neural network architecture conceptualized by Geoffrey Hinton, the motivation behind Capsule Networks is to address some of the short comings of Convolutional Neural Networks (ConvNets), which are listed below: Problem 1:


In this paper, we propose RNN-Capsule, a capsule model based on Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) for sentiment analysis. For a given problem, one capsule is built for each sentiment category e.g


Dec 19, 2017 · Short Answer: No Long Answer: They are a different variant of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). Let’s have a more detailed view of CNNs to get a grasp of Capsule Networks and what shortcomings they try to address of CNNs. A CNN can be considere

Hinton has been pondering a potential solution since the late 90s: capsules, and has just published two articles — at arXiv and OpenReview — detailing a functional “capsule network

Are Capsules The New Building Blocks In Deep Learning. According to a computer vision researcher Tobias Würfl, capsule net addresses the most obvious problem where Deep Learning falls short. “We really need to address the issue that we don’t encode our prior knowledge about viewpoint invariance into the

Dec 23, 2017 · Overview of Hinton’s capsule networks, including vector and matrix capsules.

Oct 10, 2019 · We evaluate our resulting Matwo-CapsNet on the JSRT chest X-ray dataset by comparing it to SegCaps, a capsule based network for binary segmentation, as well as to other CNN based state-of-the-art segmentation methods, where we show that our Matwo-CapsNet achieves competitive results, while requiring only a fraction of the parameters of other

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Using data from multiple data sources

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Nov 14, 2017 · “Understanding Matrix capsules with EM Routing (Based on Hinton’s Capsule Networks)” Nov 14, 2017. This article covers the second Hinton’s capsule network paper Matrix capsules with EM Routing, both authored by Geoffrey E Hinton, Sara Sabour and Nicholas Frosst.We will first cover the matrix capsules and apply EM (Expectation Maximization) routing to classify

我们针对 Capsule Network 在文本分类任务上的应用做了深入研究。对于传统的分类问题,Capsule Network 取得了较好性能,我们在 6 个 benchmarks 上进行了实验,Capsule Network 在其中 4 个中取

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